Meds Cafe

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There is A LOT of competition in the cannabis space. Anyone that doesn't understand the nuances to every strain, edible, terpene and tricome is left to understand basic brand identity.

What kind of provisioning center do people want to associate with? What kind of shopping expereince demonstrates kindness, a wide selection, un-intimidating education, and a staff that works to make customers happy?

One that has been branded and reinvented to create a friendly neighborhood feel no matter the location. Find out what it means to live, laugh.... and well mostly laugh :)


High Returns At A Low Cost

Meds Cafe was at first, a quaint but respectable medical marijuana provider for the Rogers City, Michigan area. At the turn of 2020 Meds Cafe was primed to open up recreationally in Lowell, Rogers City, Manistee, Alpena, and multiple other locations across the state. They needed a brand identity and marketing strategy that demonstrated the value of their highly curated products.

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The challenge lies in maintaining their reputation as a provisioner of cannabis that is by the people and for the people. Meds Cafe never wanted to be a corporate entity by product or reputation while still delivering an experience that could be repeatable and customers could depend on. Their operations and message there, it just needed a story to be cohesively told across the entirety of the internet.


We sought the long term sustainability of a cannabis brand that is a part of an ecosystem FLOODED with options. A friendly neighborhood cannabis store was the brand, social media and highly curated content created loyalty,, and a highly specialized and targeted SEO strategy was the the solution to obtaining market share.




  • From 1 to 7 locations (2023)
  • #1-3 search result for over 500 keywords
  • Full Service Marketing/Advertising Approach
  • Over 50 Billboard Campaigns & Unique Designs Executed On
  • Advertising Strategy Across Radio, Local Publications, Local Business Partnerships, Digital Advertising, Content Creation, & Social Media Management

From 1 to 7 locations, Meds Cafe experienced growth beyond industry norms and captured millions of online visitors/buyers.